Growing up we take a lot of things for granted. One of them is our parents.
Today in biology class we learned about the consequences of smoking. Our teacher was talking to us about how "friends" shouldn't make us smoke just so we can be "cool". She also said in that period of life (puberty, high school...) we think our parents are our worst enemies. Telling us what to do, where not to go, how long we can stay out. What she said next was the fact that throughout our lives we will understand that our parents are and will be the only ones who will love us, stick with us, protect us all the time. They are our best friends. It might sound cheesy but it is true. For most cases at least. There are always exceptions in different environments, families. But for those of us who can say our parents love us and are there for us, we should be thankful. We can only count our true friends on one hand and that is even too much.

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I understand that in some cases things aren't all rainbow and sunshine. But that's life. It isn't perfect. There will always be problems. So why should we push away the people who brought us to life? We forget that our parents were children and teenagers once again as well. And they didn't grow up in the same society we are growing up in but I'm sure it was hard for them as well.

If you're ever having a discussion with your parents about this please have an open mind and try and understand that they make mistakes too. They could be overprotective some times, they could be too strict. But remember. Just remember that they have probably been through something similar as well.
We are the mirror of our parents. How they raised us and what they formed us into. But we are also not them. We are our own people. But we are, because of them.

Well if you read until the end thank you. I hope this made you think differently and outside of the box.