I saw the #ThisIsMeChallenge in We Heart It and I found it pretty interesting, so I decided to do one too ^^. Maybe people will not like it, or maybe I will not get many hearts, but belive me I will have a lot of fun while doing it. I recomend you to do it if you find it interesting too, because it's not hard to do and you can have a great time while searching pictures that describes you.
So here we goღ:

♡ℒℴℴℜ ♡ :

hair and blue image makeup, eyes, and eye image funny, chubby, and cheeks image balloon, dresses, and fashion image

I have medium long, natural curly, blonde hair, and I like it this way. I have hazel eyes, more brown in winter, and more green in summer. My chubby cheeks make people smile and laugh from time to time. And the last one is an actuall photo of me ^^. You can find some more in my collection The world in my eyes.


fashion, outfit, and skirt image dress and mint green image girl, black, and vans image fashion, black, and outfit image ulzzang, korean, and outfit image dress, fashion, and red image adventure, purple hair, and aesthetic image black and white, hoodie, and do it like a dude image
My style is some mix from everything. I wear leggings and other sport type clothes and I feel super comfortable with them + feel motivated for working out. I like to wear jeans and black clothes and I like my body in them even though it's not perfect. On school days I wear my uniform. On the other hand I love skirts and dresses. From casual dresses to prom dresses. They make me feel beautiful and I like to wear them on special days.The last 2 pictures are actual pictures of me with which you can see some types of my clothes

Zodiac sign

virgo image sign, stars, and virgo image virgo, zodiac, and anime image astronomy, earth, and free image
I'm not a typical virgo, but I'm proud of my zodiac sign ^^

☾ℒife Style☽

study image couple, love, and relationship goals image girl, friends, and art image coffee, dog, and paws image cat, flowers, and white image adorable, animals, and corgi image starbucks, iphone, and coffee image blood and write image aww, play, and fun image
1. Studying. In this part of my life studying is really important, so big part of my time goes for it. 2. My boyfriend.Actually this is a picture of us. 3. My bestie. I really love her and I always make sure to give her the time she deserves. 4. Coffee. As I try to manage so many things, coffee is like my best friend. 5 and 6. In home I have one cat, just like this in the pucture, and one dog, like this. 7. I love to spend my free time at night scrolling in We Heart It. 8. Writing. Writing sometimes is life-saving for me. 9. In the end of the day I just love to play video games with my boyfriend. Especially League of Legends.


are, care, and her image quotes, love, and ice image quotes, sad, and happy image funny, games, and girl image weird, different, and real image quote image quotes, girl, and bad image afraid, life, and lost image


book, glasses, and writing image music, wallpaper, and black image journal and school image school, study, and notebook image coffee, candle, and notebook image besties, inspiration, and notebooks image adventure, forest, and road image girl, japan, and lol image travel, photographer, and bucket list image beautiful, white, and flowers image
1. Writing 2. Music. Something I can't live without. 3 and 4. Journaling and making planers. I really enjoy doing this and searching pictures about it. 5 and 6. Cool and cute notebooks. I'm just obssesed with them. 7. Traveling and adventures. Especially with friends. 8. Playing League of Legends. Usually my goal is to reach higher devision every month. 9. Photography. I love taking pictures of the nature and everything that catches my eye. 10. Flowers. And it's my photography ^^.


dog, cute, and puppy image dog, cute, and animal image cat, book, and cute image lion, animal, and baby image horse and animal image panda, cute, and animal image
1-2. Dogs. Each kind. I just love dogs. 3-4. Cats. Domestic and wild ones. 5. Horses 6. Pandas.


donuts and food image food, lasagna, and cheese image food, burger, and fries image food, sandwich, and cheese image


iphone, coffee, and apple image tea, book, and travel image life, sneakers, and text image summer, food, and fruit image

ℭℴℒℴℛs & ℱℒℴⱲℯℛs

flowers, rose, and white image girl, flowers, and purple image flowers, blue, and nature image flowers, blue, and girl image rose, flowers, and black image flowers, sunflower, and sun image botanic, floral, and flourish image pink, flowers, and bridge image


  • ℛℴℭℜ☠
Image by Veronica Sousa band, fave, and Lyrics image adventure, concert, and rock image band, bb, and banda image apocaliptica image amazing, band, and before i die image
1. Skillet 2. Three Days Grace 4. Linkin Park 5. Apocaliptica 6. Evanescence.
  • Ⓝightcore
anime, bass, and night image nightcore image nightcore and music image
There aren't certain artists or bands in this category. I will just say I love to listen Nightcore. Some songs are even better than the original. And belive me they are so addicting. You will love it
  • Aesthetic music
melanie martinez, cry baby, and grunge image halsey, music, and pink image
1. Melanie Martinez. I just love her songs. They melt pink video and black lyrics in perfect music video. She is amazing person making her music in perfect way. 2. Halsey. I love her album "Badlands." I love the way it sonds. It's calm and sad and it's defenetly the type of music i like.

ƬV series

Image by Dania ☆ idk, shannara chronicles, and hot people image
1. The 100. I don't whatch many series but "The 100" has a special place in my week. 2. The Shannara Chronicles. Another series I just love. Both are interesting and entertaining.


sakura, sasuke, and naruto image another, anime, and mei image anime and quotes image anime, death parade, and manga image anime, mirai nikki, and yuno image anime, sao, and sword art online image
1. Naruto 2. Another 3. Owari no seraph 4. Death parade 5. Mirai Nikki 6. Sword Art Online.

Dreams And Goals

college, exam, and hard work image dress, hair, and white image travel, map, and world image family, love, and daughter image pool, summer, and notebook image flowers, boss, and pink image baby, best friends, and child image motivation, study, and success image
I want to be succesful. And for this I will study hard. Realy hard. Being succesful for me is conected with studyng medicine. And thats my goal. I want to study medicine and help people. I want to be my own boss. I want to have my perfect marriage and happy family. I want to see my child growing next to my bestie's child. I want to travel. A lot. To make memories with the people I love. And last but not least I want to be a writer. I want to make something memoriable. Something valuable for others.

Wow it was one loong article. Thank you for reading it. I had a lot of fun while doing it as I expected, and I hope you had too while reading it. If you did you can leave a heart and make me see you appreciate my work. I will love to make friends in here so if you want to text me after reading it, go ahed and do it ^^. You can chek my other articles and collections. Have a nice day/night while scrolling in We Heart Itღ.