1. Read more books

book, vintage, and coffee image book, vintage, and old image

2. Learn to play an instrument

guitar, flowers, and music image piano, music, and vintage image

3. Find friends from another countries

pink, aesthetic, and grunge image friends, internet, and quotes image

4. Get intrested in/do sports

sport and vintage image fitness, fight, and health image

5. Be tolerantly

humanity, humans, and tolerance image black and white, racist, and window image

6. Help people/ volunteer

africa, wild, and wildlife image rainbow, clouds, and child image

7. Do things that makes you happy

girl, city, and swing image girl, summer, and beach image

8. Speak up

quotes, world, and speak image instagram, art, and BANKSY image

9. Take risks

friends, summer, and sea image quote, risk, and life image

10.Be yourself

original, quotes, and perfect image be yourself, yourself, and smile image

This article was meant to inspire someone, so I hope it did. XOXO- Auguste