i knew it the first time i heard her breathing, she was different.
and with the time i realized that i wasn't wrong.
she had an amazing mind; with right or wrong ideas, but always increibles.
we talked about everything, all the time. because with her was impossible to get bored. and even more important, with her i learned a lot.
she used to tell me things i didnt know, we shared opinions and discussed about the differents points of views that are about life.

our conversation has always been casual,

and also,
she was beautiful.
she looked beautiful with black, brown, blonde, red or even green hair.
she looked beautiful if she had it long or short.
every single outfit was made for her. every t-shirt and jean, every underwear.
she was perfect using clothes and without it.
her eyes, her moles, her tummy, her hands, her feet.
she was completely precious. from up to down, from inside and out.
and she had a heart that was made of gold and humilty and kindness

my heart always get fully of joy when i watched her. she used to make me crazy and i loved it.

she was my source of strength and happiness. she was the one I trusted the most, she knew all my dreams, my demons, my hopes, my feelings.

she was.
she is.
she will be.

(hey this is something y wrote for my girlfriend and i wanted to shared it with you because my last post had a lot of good reactions that made me happy.
love you guys.(stay gay)).

ps1: i dint know what pic to use so i put that one that i took when i went to uruguay lmao
ps2: sorry if my english is bad i speak spanish