Hey hearters!
I'm back with my second article.
I wouldn't call it an article though. Its just a sweet reminder to all you beautiful people out there. For the people who opened this article because the heading felt relatable, here's a message.
Here is what you've already done, and things which you can do.

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1. You know that you are not fine- Knowing is a big thing guys. DO NOT underestimate your power of knowing your feelings, if you know you're not fine, you've already completed the first step to recover.

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2. Crying IS NOT BAD!- Suppressing your feeling is more dangerous than being sad.Do not be afraid of being sad. YOU ARE ONLY HUMAN. Allow yourself to express that sadness or anger because THAT WILL LET YOU HEAL, TRULY.

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3. Don't be afraid of losing people- These are the times when you realize who are the people who will actually stay. This is not just atest for you, but for everyone who plays a part in your life. If people walk away from you when you have fallen, its their fault, not yours. There is no need to think about them and affect your health.

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4. Allow yourself to heal- Life has been rough on you. Ahh, if you don't want to go out, DON'T! Treat yourself with a good bubble bath and cranberry juice! Spend time with yourself.. Be with the people who care. BECAUSE WE ALL HAVE THE PEOPLE WHO CARE.
We are not alone. YOU are not alone.

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Lastly. You are strong because you haven't given up. YOU ARE A SURVIVOR and you WILL get through this. A day will come when you will show these scars with pride and smile back at your journey.