People sometimes ask me what is my hobby. I really don’t know why they ask that but whatever. My answer is yes. Quick reminder, a hobby is something you do almost every time while having fun. I do my hobby at least once a month and once every week when it is winter. I laugh every time it happens. Lady and gentlemen let me present you my “falling” hobby.

I fell always while descending the stairs, don’t ask me why I just do. I think that I need to find an apartment with no stairs. During winter, the same way we see people doing snowboard and skating, we can also see people falling. My hobby is share with other people. Well… the action is shared I don’t think they laugh about it like me.

The week is ending, and I thought that it would be the first time I wouldn't fall. …
Today I fell the same way I fell last year. Two steps after I close my door house I slip down the seven steps of my tiny stairs. At least I had a good laugh to begin my day.

My butt hurts though.