I love makeup. I love doing makeup and I think I'm pretty good at it. I do my makeup almost everyday. My basic makeup is of course lighter than my party makeup. But in this article I'll show you my everyday makeup routine. So let's start.

  • I start off by washing my face and putting moisturizer on, but after that primer. I like to use any pore filling primer, but right now I'm using the NYX one.
  • Next color correcting. My face is usually red and I have dark under eyes, so this is a must for me. But not everyone needs this step.
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  • Then light coverage: bb-cream and if I need more coverage: foundation.
  • After foundation I do cream contour and highlight. I like my face to be dewy, and that's why I use cream contour and highlight everyday. Also I feel that cream products actually stay on my face the whole day.
  • Let's tackle those eyebags and spots: concealer. Some days I don't have the energy for this, but usually I still do.
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  • After all those creams: powder. I use loose powder, but I don't bake on a daily basic. For parties I do, but not everyday.
  • Between all thing on my skin, I do my eyebrows, I use pencils and a brow mascara.
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  • Back to the face: highlighter. I love highlight and it's something that I use everyday.
  • Lastly: eyelashes. I use fake eyelashes, almost everyday. But natural ones. I just like to look that they give me and I don't use anything on my lips.
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i know that this might feel quite much, but it takes me like 15-20minutes. And I use everything lightly, so it still looks "natural".