I’ve achieved so much in terms of self love and care but I admit this is still a work in progress. I still get tired when I socialize a lil bit too much (but I do have a great time), I’m still bad at posing for cameras (but I still want be in the photos sometimes), I still get insecure of my face and my body (but I do look good when I wanted), and this list could goes on forever.

This is definitely what I need to always remember— Try. And don’t give up. There will be hard time and you will have relapses. You could be having the time of your life and then suddenly you want to put an end to everything. Will you ever understand the fickle heart and mind? One day or maybe you won’t.

But do understand this, you can always start again. No matter how much time you go back to something you’re to change, something that needs improvement, this will strengthens your will. Practice makes perfect right? Perhaps ‘perfect’ isn’t the right word but maybe something close enough to it.

You’re not losing.

Don’t stress yourself to achieve everything and don’t drive yourself insane accomplishing things you don’t even want to but believe that you should.

Be open— be accepting and respectful even when others fail to do so. Don’t feel sorry for having feelings and don’t afraid to do things you don’t normally do. Who knows the possibilities out there— perhaps you will see much more and know you’re not alone in all this.

“You’re a little pain, a little relief.
A little silky, a little rough.
Neither more nor less, I like you just the way you are.”
— Delhi 6 (2009)

-- ( this more like a reminder for me but keep going, we can get through this together. )