so yeah, this is me:

aesthetic image Image by bitch chilling yellow, outfit, and style image grunge, tumblr, and alternative image
a) vans b) kånken backpacks c) turtlenecks d) grafic t-shirts


sea, ocean, and water image aesthetic, colors, and red image flowers, purple, and girl image rain, green, and quotes image
i can't choose only one. i just enjoy every colour in their own way.


snake, animal, and aesthetic image cat, deer, and cute image art, animal, and hedgehog image tattoo, animal, and boy image


quotes, movie, and grunge image psyke image meme, reaction, and funny image and+weed image art and drawing image feminism, equality, and feminist image


harry potter, ron weasley, and hogwarts image book, park, and eleanor image aesthetics, amazing, and books image end, nothing, and teller image
a) harry potter by j.k.rowling b) eleanor&park by rainbow rowell c) will grayson, will grayson by john green d) nothing by janne teller


coraline, grunge, and aesthetic image illustration, movies, and the kings of the summer image film, inception, and gif image The Breakfast Club, 80s, and Breakfast Club image
a) coraline b) kings of summer c) inception d) breakfast club


Alyssa, the end of the f world, and end image bbc, character, and detective image friends, Joey, and chandler image stranger things, theme, and eleven image
a) the end of the f***ing world b) sherlock c) friends d) stranger things . ok i know i'm basic.


art, mona lisa, and funny image city, tumblr, and grunge image sad image feminism, girl power, and bleeding image
a) get better at drawing b) travel more c) start to love myself d) to change something in the world

Thank y'all for reading (and watching) this article. I just wanted to say that I definitely have more movies, books and shows that I wanted to put in this article but i think that would have gone out of control.
Fell loved <3

p.s.: and again i'm sorry for all my spelling mistake. English is not my native language.<3