Age: 17

Best Movie: Dirty Dancing or How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. I really can't pick between the two.

Current time: 11:15 AM

Drink I had last: Water

Everyday starts with: Me and my roommate listening to music as we get ready

Favorite song: Music To Watch Boys To by Lana Del Rey

Grossest memory: My cousin losing her whole thumb nail

Height: 5'7

I'm in love with: My friends, family, and food (duh)

Jealous of: People who get to travel everywhere, those who are very gifted

Killed someone: Now that I think about it, I tell a lot of people "I literally wanna kill you." But no, I'm too nice to kill someone

Last time I cried: About a week ago

Middle name: Lassetter

Number of siblings: 1

One wish: Have a good, healthy family when I'm older

Person you last texted/called: My best friend

Questions you're always asking: "What is going on?"

Reasons to smile: So many! My boarding school, my friends, family, opportunities I've had, Spring Break in a few weeks!

Song you last sang: West Coast by Lana Del Rey. I listen to her way too much I know.

Time you woke up: Around 7:10. Boarding school perks am I right

Vacation places: Where I want to go? Definitely Greece and Spain.

Worst habit: Being addicted to Snapchat. Or picking at my split ends, I always pull them apart and its such a bad habit.

X-rays you've had. I have foot issues so I've gotten x-rays for my feet lmao. I haven't had many, maybe three x-rays in my life, no idea.

You're favorite food: Pizza. I would kill for some right now. Also bruschetta, my mom makes it so well.

Zodiac sign: Leo!