Hello Hearters,

This is the first day of my 30 days writing challenge, called:

1) Explain the meaning of your name.

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Diletta [come from latin: dilecta, from diligere]; love by choice.

My name is Diletta. It is an italian name from latine language. It has no translation in English or other language, for all I know. That's why sometimes I ask to write "d." or I use the name of my cat, Regina, on the starbucks cups.
When I was I child I used to dislike my name, even because it is not my full name; It is "Diletta Maria" (the translation is "Mary").
I like the two names, but I don't like the mix.
Everyone call me just Diletta, btw.
When I was 16 I met a friend and she was so lovely. She tried to convince me that it is a beautiful name, but I didn't listen to her until something happened and I started to think that just when she wrote it or she said it was really a beautiful name.
It never happened to me again with nobody else.
Also she used to call me "d", that's why I started to sign me like it.
Sadly, I don't talk to her anymore.
About how I feel now with name, I can say that I don't hate it, but I don't like it. It bother me that my name is untranslable, but I like the meaning.
It means "to be loved" or "to be desired." and I think that is really beautiful. That's funny too because my surname, translated in English is "Loved."
So whe can say that my name is literally full of love.
I should try to remember it when I feel lonely.

That's all about my name, I hope you enjoy it.

Oh, and I am sorry if you find mistakes, but English is not my native language.

- the loved mermaidwriter.