Welcome back lovelys

So glad to share this project with you.

I had the idea to create a patch jean jacket with patches of some countries I had visited, but I honestly had no idea how to do it.

This was just kindof a shot in the dark, sewing the patches on and designing the jacket the way I wanted it to turn out. it was super fun honestly.

After rewatching this video I realized that I didn't explain anything like at all hahaha but here are the simple steps.

Remember that you'll discover and learn as you go, don't be scared to try something new!!

1. Organize and pin patches in format you want
2. Place an old t-shirt on top of the iron on patches before ironing them on
3. Start sewing from the inside of the jacket so the stray threads don't show on the exterior. Use a thread of a matching colour for a more flawless look
4. When finishing, tie a couple small knots on the inside of the jacket again, so the threads won't come undone

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