1- Coffee:
As everyone knows, I love coffee.
Most people say that coffee only makes us more agitated, that is, it wakes us up in tiring or boring moments. But for me, this dark, warm liquid soothes me, as does a tea or a passion fruit juice. And that gives me one more reason to love coffee.

2- Piano sound:
I do not know if you know, but I've played piano since I was a kid, and it kind of made me more focused and serene. Something very simple I know, but this is what I prefer to listen to instead of electronic or popular music.

3- Books:
Something I do every day, especially when I'm bored or not want at all to talk while I'm in a group of friends is: I take one book and read some pages.
It's so much fun to start reading and imagining the scenes in your mind; create the face of the characters, the scenery and you're done! A world of fantasy, fiction, action or even terror.

4- Series:
As everyone imagines, our good friend, netflix.
Lights out, curtains closed, popcorn and soda in hand and now yes, a very good series to watch in the night.

5- To draw:
I, mainly in the past, drew a lot, especially animes, since I think it's the only thing I can draw.
Time has passed, and my pencil skills have disappeared, but still, I try to hone it even more.

6- Açaí in the bowl:
Upon a day, I traveled in a random place with my family and girlfriend, and then, in curiosity, I wanted to try an acai. And... wow, it's very good, most say it tastes like earth, but to me it's fantastic.
If you not to prove an acai, I advise you to try a little.

7- Pool:
Most prefer beach, but I particularly prefer a good pool so I can swim.
On sunny days, a good natural juice to the side and of course, someone you like to have for good laugh with you

8- Ballad or karaokê:
Going out with friends to have fun is very cool.
Dancing and singing together is something that can happen a few times in your life, so enjoy it, because everyone changes - Even though I always sit in the armchair just watching they -.

9- Games:
Of course, something I could not forget to put on this short list, the games.
I think I'm the only boy who does not like to play racing games, just weapon games and fighting games.
And something that made me more excited on a game day is knowing that my girlfriend enjoys it too with this. It's so hard to find a girl who likes these kinds of games, and best of all, she plays games with me in my bedroom or livingroom.
Of course, it's so much fun to see the nervous face she does when she lose a match.
I squeeze her cheek, and we continue to play.

10- Basketball:
I usually play every weekend with my friends in a block we discovered there. And it's fun to have a crowd to cheer me up even more during the games.

And that's it folks.
I would cite more things that I like, but I thought it best to just show my ten favorites.

See you.
Kisses and bye.