my editing skills!

Now I debated whether or not to call this my hobby or my skills but then I thought about it and I realised that anyone can put a few pictures together and call it an edit but not everyone can give a kind of feel/vibe to their edits. When you see a collage, you can tell that someone just found a few images and voila! a collage but seeing a fan edit/normal edit, you can tell there's work put into it. Maybe I'm chatting rubbish but this is how I feel about any kind of edit, photo or video.

Now today is not the exact day I decided to do this but I started saving my edits early on and I looked at the date and the first one there was about January 2017. Now I know I made lots of them before but i don't have them saved so I'll never see how tragic I was starting out.

This hobby was graciously inspired by one of my friends who made amazing edits and did a few personal ones for me too. This friend also inspired someone else I know to take up editing. However, my "master" no longer makes edits which makes me sad because she was very good. She prefers to game and make memes now.

The Story of how it began

Beware, this is not entirely accurate since this was over a year ago and my memory is not the best...
I had asked her to make me an edit for me by the looks of this?!AkWC4EN1OgEbglBT4KxuERmjQQQ-
or this?!AkWC4EN1OgEbgk7po3at9H_RzGJR
I don't exactly remember and there's no date in my one drive since I uploaded them ON THE SAME FRICKING DAY, ARGHH! Who knew my choices would hate me..... crying emoji
Despite this, I wanted to try editing out so I went to my friend and said "SENPAI TEACH ME YOUR WAYS" Jk I did not actually say this but maybe I should have. So she told me the app she used and that's it. I had to figure out the rest for myself.

My initial edits were TRASH. I thought they were good back in the day but sometimes I look at them and I sense the noobiness and I wish to delete them. But I don't because my evolution was real. I went from this:!AkWC4EN1OgEbg0wpmDGxP8DUeDmS!AkWC4EN1OgEbg0pBlTvcYJAG9THf!AkWC4EN1OgEbg0NHF0OnNB8nOm3b!AkWC4EN1OgEbjUy-il19reQN3sBg

to this:!AkWC4EN1OgEbjU1SsQ1X-ZqLNkV8!AkWC4EN1OgEbjU7qxDl8VmyBBxyx!AkWC4EN1OgEbjU8WmAFKmuYF2f5D!AkWC4EN1OgEbjVASvkazr2DCvEz3
the last one being one of my proudest edits at the time

then this:!AkWC4EN1OgEbjVHFfF93CzYJdNTD!AkWC4EN1OgEbjVL8x39Kcgk9-1AK!AkWC4EN1OgEbjVMxi_d2MU6fxHgu!AkWC4EN1OgEbjVRZV5MiFtUBNTQU

and of course I love my hobby! Editing is almost my escape and it helps me with calming my mind. However it gets very frustrating when I have what I call "inspiration block" and I have no ideas to make edits. I used to think that maybe one day it could be a job but it's not very realistic as many people don't really have a need for fan made stuff but maybe one day!

This was my second article! I'm kinda sad that for pictures to show up on your article, they have to be posted here but no matter! I don't know if there's some mistake with the links but if it says you can edit them, please do not. The edits of my friend are not mine so please do not steal them or remake them, they are not mine. And I think that's it so byeeeee hearters!

Q; can people comment on articles? If not, someone tell the WHI team to add this feature please :)