Have you ever feel like you want to do something but it, somehow, feels impossible? Have you ever feel like getting up but your body makes you stay put? Have you ever feel like all the creativity you once had just went off your mind?.

Yes, we all have.

What that comercially-like paragraph meant to point out is that if you are currently feeling like that, then you are in a rut, my friend.

a long deep track made by the repeated passage of the wheels of vehicles.

I know, confusing, right? But, if you put it into perspective, how repetitive do you feel? And I'm not talking about your routine, having a routine is good. But how much is this specific routine benefiting you? Do you still feel creative? Do you feel your mind at ease? Do you feel your body glowing? No.

When it comes to thiss topic, there's a lot of interrogatives. Since I've been there before, and I am now, I thought that this was needed to talk about.

Most people, when they are in a rut, tend to feel pitty for themselves. This, ussually can be seen when pictures like "I am not fucking okay", "I hate myself" and the grunge like pictures that follow that path, feel right to you. Once you read them, and accept them, that's what your life becomes.

So, yes. It's not anybody's fault, but yours. What do we gain by feeling like victims? What do we gain by crawling in our own misery? Just that, misery. It's a cold bucket of water over us that's being thrown, a really cruel one. But they are just facts.

It's proven that when we are sad, we are so selfish with ourselves to the point where we play sad music, read sad posts and complain about how shitty our lives are.

I am a firm believer that we have to feel, to put those feelings out. But, it's pointless when those feelings are out and we do all these things to bring them back.

That, darling, is step number ONE for getting out of the hole: get out of the HOLE.

Step TWO is really easy: accepting that you are doing this for YOU, with that comes self-love and if you are a begginer for that then I recommend you to put in, even more, effort in it.

Step THREE, happens when you put in action your dreams and goals. Putting your head up and your foot down. Creativity will come to you if you believe it.

Just like bad feelings and experiences will come to you if you believe it too.

Three easy steps to get out of there, but the root it's the willingness of doing it and be persistence on it.

Everytime, think about the Lotus flower. A flower that grows up the mud.

Please, do this for you and no one else.

I'll be soon doing another post on the power of your thoughts, until then

Stay gold.