I can't really remember how all of this has started.
I was in front of my mirror and was like why my hear is dark and short , I want it to be long and blond, why are my eyes so big and black, I want blue eyes.
One day I was so thin, the other day I was so fat to myself.
I started to hate all part of my body and it was because I had wrong picture in my head how ideal woman should look like.
I was so unsure, self-critical, I was so hard on myself.
I was blindly obsessed with that picture that I forget how amazing person I'm inside.
I had that awful feeling that people was looking at me because I'm different, I don't wear the same clothes, don't listen the same music, don't have the same interests...
I asked myself everyday "What's is wrong with me?" or "Why I have to be like this?
I tried to change, to be someone else, to be the same like other and than I realize that I hate myself more.
I started to accept myself the way I am.
My messy hear was prettier, my dark eyes looked so mysterious to me and suddenly I started loving that.
I was learning every day how to love myself and to accept all imperfections.
The thing I hated so much I slowly started to love.
It was very big and hard step to me and I'm still learning to be myself and to love it.
We are all unique, beautiful, we have lot to show, to express, so love yourself and be the best version of you!