Hi guys, for today's article I wanted to write about what's in my bag. I saw an article about it one week ago and I thought it was very interesting, since I've also seen a lot of videos on yt about this.

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So I normally use a black leather bag or a black packback to carry my stuff along with me. I love black and white aesthetic and colors like grey, dark green, light pink in my wardrobe. So I think black is perf for your bag and it matches everything. I also have more bags and clutches but they're all mainly black with some different details.

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different ideas for a black leather bag

Let's see what is inside!

1. Keys

2. Tissues

3. Tampons

4. Wallet

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i have three wallets: black, light blue and cream color. They're leather wallets. I bought the black one a lot of years ago, it was very cheap like less than 10 euros and it also has some studs. My light blue one was a gift when I turned 18 from my best girl friends; my cream wallet was a gift from my bf when we were together since like 10 months (it is actually almost 3 years now)

5. Medicines

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i always have my period's medicines bc sometimes I feel very bad like for my period or my ovulation so I need them. They're actually for headache and stomach ache too ! Sometimes I also carry some more specific medicines like those for when you have a cold, a cough or headache

6. Hair tie

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7. Headphones

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8. Make up

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9. Lip balm

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super important especially in winter or my lips break out

10. Bottle of water

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so I don't have to buy drinks

11. Snacks

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especially when I travel I love to have with me a bag of crisps, or a chocolate bar or even a fruit

12. Book

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again, saves my life when I'm travelling

13. Beanie

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in winter I always wear a big scarf, but sometimes I don't like to wear a beanie; so I carry it in my bag and if it is too cold outside, I will put it on!

Thank you guys for reading my article and hope that you liked and hearted it !
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