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Hello Hearters,

Today I want to start a new writing challenge I create: a "30 days writing challenge." I wanna do it because I need to share with you more feelings and I wanna make more articles in which I can write about me, about the world and about all the positive things I need for my life.
So, let's start with the list:

  • Day 1. "Explain the meaning of your name."
  • Day 2. "Make a list of five things that make you happy."
  • Day 3. "Write about two memories."
  • Day 4. "Make a list of five places you want to visit."
  • Day 5. "Write five facts about yourself."
  • Day 6. "If you could run away, where would you go?"
  • Day 7. "Write about three things you like about you."
  • Day 8. "Make a list of your five favourite movies."
  • Day 9. "Make a list of your five favourite drinks/food."
  • Day 10. "Write about something you are excited about."
  • Day 11, "Write a letter to your 8 years old self."
  • Day 12. "Make a list of your three favourite tv series"
  • Day 13. "Make a list of your three favourite books."
  • Day 14. "Describe your style."
  • Day 15. "What would you do if you win the lottery?"
  • Day 16. "Make a list of five things to be grateful."
  • Day 17. "Make a list of your five favourite apps."
  • Day 18. "Write a review."
  • Day 19. "Write about happiness."
  • Day 20. "Write a summer bucket list."
  • Day 21. "Write about your passion(s)."
  • Day 22. "Write about a dream you had."
  • Day 23. "Write a page of a diary."
  • Day 24. "Make a list of things you always postpone."
  • Day 25. "Write about a place in which you felt happy."
  • Day 26. "Make a list of your favourite works of art."
  • Day 27. "Write about a first time."
  • Day 28. "Describe three things you're doing right now."
  • Day 29. "Write about three projects for the next month."
  • Day 30. "Make a list of all the good things happened during this 30 days."

I hope you like them and you will follow my next articles about this challenge. You will find all the articles on this collection:

Also, if you want you can read all my articles here:

If you want to do it too, go on! Just don't forget to give me credits; it would be nice.

So, let's start it!

- themermaidwriter.