Turn a plain outfit into a model off duty look.

accessories accessories earrings choker
Jewelry: Ad some glam with either gold, rose gold or silver accessories.
aesthetic beauty
Belts: A belt not only highlights your waist but brings the whole outfit together. A big belt always stands out.
beauty blonde beauty fashion
Glasses: Sunglasses or normal glasses would frame your face perfectly, doesn´t matter if they are the always there black sunnies or the more eccentric colorful ones.
fashion black
Hats: You can always wear it if you feel like adding something extra to your outfit.
diamond bag
Purses: A purse is not only handy but also stylish, doesn´t matter if it´s big or small it would always look good.
Superthumb Superthumb make beauty
Make up: We have to admit it takes a bit more time and skills but once you get the hang of it it´s pretty easy. You can go for soft glam or full dramatic or the good old red lips and cat eye.
nails beauty beauty beauty
Nails: Like make up they take more time, but they last long, and you can get creative with it, so it´s a win-win situation.
fashion Superthumb bag bag
A pop of color: If you like monochromatic outfits or own to many clothes of the same neutral palette and are looking for a way to spice things up this is for you. A splash of color always looks good, whether it´s red, blue or green, or in the form of shoes, handbags or hats.

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