For a long time I wanted to write ! But what I could write about ? My life... too boring ! My hobbies... why would you care ?

So here's my first time, writing behind my screen about everything and anything !
I guess that everybody needs to read something that would distract them, make them laugh, cry, wish and dream ! At least this is what I like when I'm reading. It could be anything : books, articles, quotes, poems ! The tiniest part of your life can become wonderful, an amazing journey, an adventure maybe. You just have to believe it could be so... and to me writings can definitely do the job !
When you're sad, that you've been forgotten by stars, God or whatever you believe in , what do you got left ? You, your spirit, and arts. This is how I see things. There's always a way to find happiness through arts, even if your boyfriend got back with his ex leaving you, even if your friends started talking behind your back, even if you're away from your best friend or your family. Go ahead and write, dance, sing, find the perfect country music that'll match your mood or whatever you need ! But beacause we're in a world where anything could be everything, you'll always find a way to keep going !
You might wonder what's the point of my article ? Actually, none ! Just have some time not thinking about how your life could be easier if or if. Just try to make the most of it...