After my spiritual beliefs, there's one key ingredient to my true, inner-being happiness that I believe everyone should deem important.


WAIIIIT!! BEFORE YOU LEAVE BECAUSE YOUR'E SINGLE AND LONELY, I want to remind you that relationships aren't just boyfriend/girlfriend type things.
Relationships are your support networks, your family, your friends, your peers, your coworkers, your neighbours, your teachers, your boss, and your dog, Gregory.

To make this slightly personal-->
In the current season of life im in I have learnt a great deal about my relationships and what they mean to me, how they impact me emotionally, mentally and even physically.

I'll just quickly explain my situation:
I used to be extremely introverted, mainly because I was insecure and weighed down with guilt/shame from the past.
So I had no real friends, I quit sport, I never talked to my family and I had such a negative outlook on life.

HOWEVER, through the years (and through my spiritual journey) I realised that all the dumb things that I was doing was because I didn't have anyone to tell me otherwise, and the only person keeping me accountable for anything was myself.
So I had 3 'best friends' at the time I was realising these things, and it turned out that 2 of them were actually such toxic weights in my life, holding me back from making new friends and exploring things.
But I ditched them (hallelujah) and I had to step out of my comfort zone to make new friends that I love so dearly.

I've made SIX new best friends in six months. And in these last six months I've been the healthiest version of myself than I ever remember being, mentally. And now I am the biggest extrovert you've ever met! Nothing is permanent.

Look, I'm not sure where you're at or how you feel about your friends but here's a few questions to ask yourself to help figure out what your relationships mean.

🌷 Do you find it easy to make new friends?
If not, think about the reasons why. If its insecurity remember that EVERYONE is insecure, you're not alone. Just be your best self and someone worth your time will come along.

🌷 Are your friends pushing you to become your best self?
What I mean by this is: are they letting you do dumb stuff or are they challenging you and pissing you off so that you'll make smart decisions? Sometimes, we tend to push the most important people away because they tell us what we don't want to hear.

🌷 Do you put in effort to have a close relationship with your parents?
All it takes is one question to your parents about their experience in an area to start bonding. Your parents want to talk to you about their childhood and what they've learnt. Remembering that they too are only human and will make mistakes is super important.

🌷 Is it easy for you to lie to people?
If so, you most probably have to find someone to keep you accountable, someone you find it easy to be honest with. But this doesn't mean you have to push your current friends away.

🌷 Are you the best friend you could be to other people?
Its always important to keep your end of the deal up. If you're looking for new friends and you're not an encouraging, listening, forgiving, loving person yourself then things probably aren't going to go far. Be the friend you've always wanted to have, keeping in mind that everyone is different and making mistakes is how you learn.

🌷 Are there things you need to let go of in order to progress forward?
If guilt is stopping you from moving on because you're anxious all the time then it's time to give it up, lose control and come to terms with the fact that nothing's ever going to be perfect but you have to learn and move on.

Hopefully these questions help you figure out some things. If you have any questions just private message me.

I love you and I am here for you if you need someone to talk to. 💛 💛 💛