Hello people!
The weekend is coming and how about enjoying a marathon with iconic movies, so in this article some movie suggestions to watch, see:

#1 Mean Girls

article lindsay lohan

This movie you watch it a thousand times, and still be good. The film has comedy, a good dose of romance, and an icon called Regina George.

#2 Clueless

alicia silverstone Clueless

Another iconic film is the movie Clueless, with the iconic character Cher, a patricinha who decides to do good deeds.

#3 Psycho

Psycho house

The iconic horror film is Psycho, which shows a most famous serial killer of the Norman Bates movie theaters.

#4 Breakfast at Tiffany's

audrey hepburn audrey hepburn

A super classic is the Breakfast at Tiffany's with the iconic character of actress Audrey Hepburn.

#5 Back to the Future

80s Back to the Future

Another great classic is Back to the Future that shows travels in different years with scientist Doc Brown and teenager Marty McFly.

Well, that's what I really hope you liked, and have fun watching the movies.