game of thrones was the first legit tv show i got really into. i don't obsess over it much now but it will always have a place in my heart. to all the readers who love this show, get to know some facts about me with regards to this show.

1. How did you discover the series/books?

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i discovered it in 2013 when a friend mentioned it to me. i had no idea what it was but that time, that was the episode the red wedding aired so she was fully distraught. after that i watched the show and also read the books and fell in love with it

2. Who is your favourite house, other than the Starks and Lannisters?

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i fucking love house martell!! in the books they're so awesome and badass. esp the sand snakes and doran but in the show they're such a wasted plotline. i was furious about it ugh whatever

3. Who is your favourite character from House Stark?

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i love the stark sisters especially arya. sometimes she can be a little overdramatic but she's so fearless! she's amazing

4. Who is your favourite character from House Lannister?

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i fucking love cersei oh my god i would actually die for her. she's actually my fave character in the entire show. i have a thing for blondes and villains that's why

5. Who is your favourite character?

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i can't even stress how much i love her oh my gooood. say what you want about her but she will always be MY bitch

6. Who is your least favourite character?

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here goes nothing. LOOK she as bearable at the beginning. but as the seasons progressed she became so so so so so so so annoying that i can barely stand her anymore. i fucking roll my eyes every time she's on my tv like cersei. i'm a cersei stan what do you expect?

7. What are your thoughts on the series/book?

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the books are just so awesome. they're so large and epic that you can never get bored while reading. the show however started with a bang. it was amazing until the half of season 4. after that it was just meh. that's why i don't obsess over it that much anymore and basically just watch it for lena headey/cersei

8. If you could be one of the characters, who would you be and why?

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i'd probably be melisandre just because i wanna know more about her character. yes she had that "big reveal" but i wanna explore her past when she was in essos and all that

9. What is your favourite episode or season?

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easily the purple wedding. oh my god i loooved this episode and lady olenna wow what a badass woman

10. Who is your Game of Thrones crush?

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margaery tyrell. oh my god natalie dormer is so ethereal how do you even become this pretty???

11. What are you most looking forward to in the upcoming season?

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cersei's death for sure. i really hope they play that out well plus how the show/series will end overall

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