Please note: I am currently reading the Inheritance Cycle/Eragon series and I’m taking small breaks by reading other books because 1) it is so intense 2) other reasons. Therefore, I will do these #LastBookIRead’s but I will do one for the whole series when I am done.


Author: E. Lockhart (Emily Jenkins)
Genre: Young adult, romance (teenager type stories 😂)
Series?: Nope
Rating: 9.5/10


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A girl, Cadence, from a “beautiful and distinguished family” is just trying to find her way around life. She and two of many cousins and a boy who she really loves, are closer with each other than anyone else. They are called, the Liars.
Romance blossoms. An accident happens. That kind of thing. She doesn’t remember anything before or after her accident. Then one day, she starts to remember, and she realises the extremity of what she, and her Liars, had done.

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I definitely recommend this book...whatever type of reader you are. It’s short but sweet and kind of poetic in a sense.

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