I've never really done this, so it's new to me. I don't know how I'm supposed to do this, but here it goes. I decided to write monthly articles about my Spotify playlists. I'll put a couple of my favorite songs from one of my playlists here. If you like them, there will be a link to my Spotify in the end.

*Corduroy dreams, Rex Orange County*

This year I've been listening to many Rex Orange County songs and I absolutely love them. You will probably see more of them here.

friends, shoes, and converse image
And you're the other half of me, dream and sleep, and laugh with me.

Dope on a rope, The Growlers

This song is so frikin amazing. Whenever it starts playing, i start dancing and singing along. It's just one of those songs that make you do that.

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Generations change in a blink the fad's extinct

Best Friend, Rex Orange County

The music and melody is the reason why this is one of my favorite songs. I just feel like dancing and smiling while listening to it. It's very positive and cheers you up.

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I wanna be the one that makes your day, the one you think about as you lie awake

Simple words, Diners

I just love every aspect of this song. I love the voice, music etc. It's just very enjoyable.

love, couple, and hug image
And I don't think you could ever understand, what it is i feel about you.

Toothpaste kisses, The Maccabees

This song makes me melt like ice cream. It is very soothing and beautiful.

shoes and vintage image
Cradle me, I'll cradle you. I'll win your heart with a woop-a-woo.

Television/So far so good, Rex Orange County

Lately i've been listening to this song all the time. I just love every single thing about it.

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What about me and you together? Something that could really last forever

If you liked these songs, you should check out my Spotify playlist!
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