Just graduated elementary? Don't know what to expect in 7th Grade? You just entered an upside down world. No more sunshine and rainbows. No more ABC's and 1 + 1 equations. It's where people start changing. Puberty hits you in the stomach and squeezes your guts out. Your friends just aren't your friends anymore and you start wearing make up brands from M.A.C. and Benefit than the one's from Claire's or Barbie. Academics are much more complicated now, not just simple addition and subject and predicate. And... well you get the jiff now, high school is tuff.

Here's some tips on how to get through it.

1. Focus. Focus. FOCUS.


FOCUS ON YOUR STUDIES. Not on your "love life". Girl, you are 12-13! That "relationship" of yours will just end up with him/her ghosting you because he/she found someone "more attractive" than you. cough You're still better than them anyways.

2. Love Yourself


Do you want to know the harsh truth? Millennials are judgemental. They judge you for what you look like. They make you insecure. They judge you from your clothing to the smallest pimple you got on your chin. So what they got their boobs first? We don't care that you just had your glow up cuz ours will be more unexpected and badass than yours anyways. DON'T RUSH ART. Sure, go ahead and put some concealer to your under eyes and define your eyebrows a bit. But don't beat up your face. To those people who underestimate you right now? Wait for you glow up and show them how wrong they were.

3. Find the right friends.


So your BFF since kinder changed and started hanging out with the popular kids? Show her/him you don't need her and your hanging out with your besties. Don't worry. High school is the time where you find out who your real friends are.

4. Deal with embarassment


Ok so I tripped in front of my crush once and she laughed at me for it. Know what I did? I just brushed it off and laughed too. I always tell this to myself when I've done something humiliating is "They'll forget this by tomorrow/next week". It'l just be another memory in a collection of what will be MILLIONS.

5. If you're not smiling, you're doing it wrong.


Laugh a bit. Don't let studying take over EVERYTHING. When you're in 10th grade to college, thats where you should start taking it a bit seriously. But there's nothing wrong with a little fun. Go on a day out with your friends or watch 3-5 episodes of some Netflix series.

So that's it for this article lol. If you guys have questions or rants go ahead and comment them below. If you have article suggestions comment them too!