Okay, so we all have seen models and beautiful humans on instagram and WHI with designer clothes and the best outfits. I for one cannot afford to spend that much on clothes and shoes and bags (as much as I wish that I could).

So this post is dedicated to how to achieve that look, without spending a huge amount of money.

1) designer dupes
This is possibly the biggest tip which I have. There are many brands out there, who make dupes of the designer brands, which means you can have the look of the designer outfit, without the price tag. An example of this, is I was looking through the WHI site the other day, and I saw the Gucci belt (the black one with the two G's) and I really fell in love. I then looked to buy it, and its on sale for £850. I don't have that much money to spend on a belt ha! But i went into Primark, and I saw a dupe belt for £4! I was so excited, and it looks so similar.

2)use social media as inspiration
This brings me to my next tip. When creating looks, I use instagram, WHI and pintrest to find cool outfit ideas, and then I make them my own using different items which I have in my wardrobe. Its a great way of looking at up and coming trends, and using the items you already have in a new way which suits a new fashion look.

3) Don't let the clothes wear you, WEAR THE CLOTHES
So this is a vital piece of advice, which comes with trying out new styles, and being an instagram baddie. You need to make sure that you wear your outfits with confidence. You are the only you there has ever been, and ever will be. Wear clothes which make you feel confident, and make you feel the best version of you. Even if you had designer clothes, if you didn't wear them with confidence, they would be wasted. So rock it, and remember that confidence is beauty.

Thats it from me lovelies, hope you enjoy the rest our day.

Em xox