I tend to think that man, as he grows, forgets the ability to play and focuses more on maturity development. The boy never ends, it is a permanent stage but only visible for a few years, then the date of forgetting because of the responsibilities that come in indefinite numbers, with the passage of years.
To be consistent with the theme of the text, I will put here some words that I think was the last day of my childhood.
The day before the first day of high school, I realized that a new period of my life began. I will meet with other children, who are actually not children (or at least I do not think so ... children do not have beard and are tall as doors, right?) With a tight heart and a smile of smaller and smaller, I looked at the glass for a few minutes, I fired the polluted air of Bucharest and headed to my room , thinking to play a little bit before saying "goodbye!" happy days of relaxation, and hate "welcome!" of the days of torture that follow. After I have fulfilled my last wish, as a condemned child, I decided to remove a teenage suit from the closet and try the makeup we only used on occasions. I do not know if I did that because I wanted to fit into the landscape of today's high school, or just because I was still inappropriate in using the tusk or eye pencil.
In the evening, as I was preparing for bed, I realized that the earlier efforts came naturally, not because I wanted to learn how to go over the childhood. the exterior is just a mask after which childhood is hidden, and waiting for the time to rediscover it