As we know most people are memes by their nature and a small proportion are creators.Well, it's not that bad as it sounds.It's natural to copy someone's move and that starts from the moment you are a baby and you copy your mother's moves.On the other hand, people who developed their creation means that they became independent from early childhood, that's because they had to, so they started to create their own things to survive.This is the law of human character.But all humans can develop both brain sides and work like a charm! The more information you get about logic and art, the more you activate the brain sides.The left side of logic.and the right side for creativity.You need both sides balanced so the brain can work perfectly.You start to develop more your brain the moment you do opposite things.So balance is the key to everything on this planet.How to activate both sides?
1.Creativity needs only you.The first years you copy others' paintings and then when you have the imagination you need, you create yours.WRONG.Do not think it like that.Get a paper and a pen.Draw the first thing you imagine.An apple maybe.Now think that apple carefully.Imagine it in your hands.Now try to see it from different angles.Now try to draw the different angles you imagine and think about the light and the shadows.All the time, you must have the apple in your head like seeing it in front of you and drawing it.

2.Mystery books.You like when you see a movie right?and then maybe you have the inspiration to make a book?by the movie you saw?well, that's wrong.The more you see with your eyes the more you will copy.You're subconscious will always remember pictures.Next time you write something and you think it's yours maybe you have seen it somewhere and don't remember it but your subconscious does remember it.This way all new things look alike.How to trick that?Read mystery and crime books!! by reading you inspire yourself to add more and more details to the book.You try to solve the mystery and you imagine the information.That is a good exercise to create something yours.

3.Did you think that creativity matters only?Well, logic is a basic tool.Logic helps your brain to analyze and order all the information you get.Without logic, your brain would be full of chaos.The best way to develop more your left side is to solve puzzles and play chess.Try to solve a puzzle in specific time.That is an everyday exercise.Plus you help your memory cause nowadays more people lose their memory that's because of the everyday life.

4.Try to think more.Try to analyze more.For example.Watch a building and try to think how it was built, who built it.when..Collect the information you see on the building.Is it old, is it new?What are the materials?Well, it doesn't matter but it will exercise your brain to analyze more.

5.Read ancient philosophers.Some people are more practical and don't use philosophy but philosophy will open the door to you to create your own things and not only art.Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and Pythagoras are the most epic inspirers of all ages.Without them, the world would be different from what we know today.Re-think about life and question everything you see.

6.What to create?close your eyes.close your ears.and breath deeply.Now listen to your inner voice.It will guide you to what you want to do in your life.Imagine the earth and you.What can you offer?What do you like?Think about what you like, create it and then show it to others.To become epic it doesn't matter if it is out of the fashion or people's trends matters to represent you and your ideas from your own eyes.That is art.Your best and your worst you.

Balance is the key to happiness and success and your brain's too.
So go learn new things with all you're senses and then you can create yours.