I was scrolling through the articles section and I found this amazing post:

And I thought I would make one for myself because I have never really had the chance to put all the things that make me happy in a list.
I totally recommend this sort of "challenge" to whoever is reading this.

So, what makes you happy?

💗listening to music

tiffany, snsd, and girls generation image
it is my escape from the world
fireworks, gif, and kpop image


autumn, fall, and forest image aesthetic, rocks, and beach image
whether it would be the woods or the sea, this helps me calm down and thing things over

💗going on adventures

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whether I'm alone or with friends, adventures make my life complete


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I always cherish EVERY single friend of mine because they always find a way to bring the smile back on my face


anime, anime scenery, and animeboys image
cat, manga, and anime image manga, anime, and puella magi madoka magica image
it has been with me since childhood and through it I have found a way to uplift my mood


fashion, style, and black image red, dior, and aesthetic image
style has always enabled me to express myself and become creative


apple, caramel, and food image
cooking made me appreciate food and also to experience the happiness from a successfully cooked meal

💗painting and drawing

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art has always helped me relax and find my happy place

💗learning new languages

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I have always loved learning new languages and then practicing them out

💗reading and writing

alternative, book, and grunge image girl, nature, and travel image
writing has always been a passion of mine since childhood

💗working out

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Stay true,