Hi guys! Since this is the month of love i wanted to write an article about relationships! For someone who is single, I do have many opinions and feelings about relationships! If you enjoy this article please HEART and COMMENT;)

1. Intimacy

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Intimacy is NOT sex. Intimacy is that connection, that feeling when you’re alone with each other. You have that cozy relaxed atmosphere. You guys are vibing. Intimacy is way better than sex. (I said it and I am not taking it back.)

2. Chilling and Doing Nothing Together

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This is the second best thing to intimacy. I enjoy being lazy with my boo. It is an amazing feeling to feel content with someone. I am not the type of person to be all over someone anyway.

3. Having Someone to go on Fun Dates With

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I am a sucker for cute dates! I love going to quirky places. I love going on new adventures. I am also fine with walking down a cool alley. I am a very simple person. I just want to be with my boo.

4. Not sleeping Alone

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The hardest part about being single for me is sleeping alone. This doesn’t mean I am not comfortable with myself. This does not mean I am not an independent woman. It just means that I would love to have someone in my bed that I feel super comfortable with and can steal the blankets from. Do not shame yourself or anyone else for having wants and needs

5. They are your best-friend

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I am a girl who has millions of guy bestfriends. I love and cherish their friendship but sometimes I would like to have that same level of friendship in a relationship. The same level of respect and love. I want someone who is ready to catch these hands but also spoon-feed me ice cream.

6. Having Deep Conversation

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These are the best, to sit for hours and hours and never run out of anything to talk about. This to me is true relationship goals.

7. Travel Buddies...um yes

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Traveling couples make my heart simile. I would love to travel the world with my boo. Or road trip across the states, or find some hidden gems around town, or go to the nearest ice cream store.

8. Showing them Off

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When I say show them off, I do not mean in a way to make other people jealous. But in a way where you let other females or males know to back off. Showing your boo some love also shows you appreciate them and hypes them up. If you can’t hype me up like I hype you up, we cannot be together

9. Sex...lol

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Pretty self explanatory, but I will say this, having sex with someone that you have feelings for is fucking addictive. I got to have sex with one of my crushes and it changed the way I see sex and relationships.Like, I completely lost interest in casual sex because I knew it would not measure up to what we had. (Just my Opinion)

10. Someone to Grow with

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In “grown up” relationships, people talk about the future and their goals. I love to see someone working on themselves. Understanding of their flaws. Someone always trying to better themselves. Society tells us we need to find a full package and nothing less, but I am telling you that noone is perfect. Let’s be together and mature together.

11. Encouraging Each Other’s Career Goals

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Someone who has career goals is attractive af. You do not have to know how or when you’ll achieve it. You just gotta have to have a plan a goal. Passion. It is very easy to see if someone is thinking about the future or just today