i basically show who i am through pictures i think so enjoy xoxoxoxox

- colours

flowers, yellow, and aesthetic image yellow, aesthetic, and tumblr image Image removed music, red, and aesthetic image Image removed plants, home, and aesthetic image
three colours I hold quite close to my heart because i love them so very much !!!


aesthetic, beach, and boho image aesthetic, art, and beautiful image art, bra, and flower image dress, italy, and sunglasses image
i have such a love for these niche memes,,,, and also i thrive to wear outfits like these !!!

- passion

art, blue, and van gogh image art, van gogh, and vincent van gogh image Image removed Image removed
i swear no one that i'm friends with know how much i idolise monet and van gogh like i spend hours looking at their stuff omg
anime, diary, and notes image Image by Aye Webber journal, writing, and journalling image journal, art journal, and journaling image
as is obvious i also really love to write, i rarely decorate them with paintings and shit like in these pictures but wow i love writing

- food

Image by CAMILLA FRUiTS image beautiful, fruit, and girl image avocado, Chicken, and food image
wow this makes it look like i eat sooo healthy, i just really like chicken salad, smoothies, peanut butter & coffee.

- dreams & goals

aesthetic, 60’s, and 1965 image Image by Private User black, black and white, and home image adventure, nature, and travel image
the biggest goal of mine, that i've had since i was like a fetus, is to win an Oscar. i also would love to play music for people that would be super fab. live in a town house in london is the most achievable of them all - alongside travelling around europe in a van !!

- animals

cat image animal, baby, and sweet image holding hands, sleeping, and cuuuttteee image aesthetics and themes image
i have the most beautiful kitten in the world, no arguments sorry. wombats get distracted by food and forget why they're frightened which is relatable, otters hold hands when they sleep so they don't loose their lover and penguins waddle off to die when they can't find a mate !!


simpsons and sad image Image by Private User meme, crying, and funny image meme, kermit, and reaction image
wow im such a stereotype


book, milk and honey, and quotes image note to self, book, and tumblr image heartbreak, aesthetically pleasing, and love image book, sun, and flowers image
wow i'm such a stereotype pt. 2

- movies

weird, movie, and stand by me image The Breakfast Club, movie, and 80s image pulp fiction, movie, and uma thurman image disney, alice in wonderland, and flowers image
just your classic eighties films and alice in wonderland

- series

the image mike, stranger things, and dustin image eric, kelso, and michael image school, freaks and geeks, and grunge image
idk what i even look for in a tv show tbh, maybe cute bois ??

the last one was lifestyle and i had no clue what i was meant to put there so i just didn't do it (wow ironic that is legit my lifestyle lol)