Here are just a list of my favourite things, people, feelings and more

1. Going on adventures

beauty beach
Exploring anywhere and everywhere is definitely one of my fav things

2. Watching TV shows in bed when it is raining

article animal
It's just so cozy and makes me all soft inside

3. Harry Styles

Superthumb harrystyles
He is my everything and I love him with all my heart

4. Music

grunge music
I love music so much, it is the only thing that can turn my mood around

5. Concerts

Superthumb Superthumb
Concerts are a very special place and I love the feeling that you get to see your fav person and be surrounded with people that love the same person as you.

6. Dogs

animal Superthumb
Dogs are the cutest animals ever.

That's all I can think of. Sorry for half of it being music related.