What is the hardest thing you have ever experienced?

....There's a lot of hard and bad stuff I've been through and...sorry I just don't want to put anything of that right now...I guess I'm a little scared, I hate remembering those things I want to forget them but I can't, those bad memories are probably the main reason that made me who I am right now

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..But...sigh, oh well, one of the hardest things I have been through is when I tried to fit in with society, I tried to be that "perfect little boy", I tried being someone I wasn't I, I was getting a lot of "friends", being someone I'm not and when I tried to find myself, tried to go back to who I was before I was losing everyone I was being talked bad about, I was bullied and hated..but I guess that's better than being someone I am not and even my own family think that the stuff I love like KOF, Anime etc. changed me it is so frustrating

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My family say that I use to be so shy and happy that now I'm just cold, serious and rude, I am shy I guess I don't show it much since I don't go out much, and that my family don't notice what makes me happy is their fault...right?

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What my family probably doesn't know is that Anime, Bands and KOF made me be who I really am, they made me find myself, they made me happy

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But sadly sometimes my parents tell me what I am and what I am not I really hate it and when I talk back to them they just suddenly punish me and I'm just tired of it

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