Hey guys,
I'm Maddie, and this is my third article on WHI, and today I'm going to give my honest opinion about romwe- the online clothing store. You have probably seen lots of adds showcasing it's cute clothes and cheap prices, but i've been wondering- is it a scam?
I recently bought a haul of stuff from Romwe and here's what I think. (Unfortunately I am unable to show any pictures of what I bought, but I'll try my best to describe the items I bought).

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1. A yellow T-shirt, with a black planet print in the corner- $6.09 When I got the shirt, it felt pretty nice, and fit really good, except for one thing- it was SUPER cropped. I ordered a T-shirt. Not a crop top. Luckily, I wore it with high wasted jeans, so it was pretty good, but it shrank SO MUCH when i washed it. I rate this 2/5 stars.
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2. A pair of light coloured, ripped boyfriend jeans- $19.99 These jeans were OK. They felt decent, a little stiff, but good for the price.The rips in the jeans were bigger than it showed in the picture, and the waist area was huge, even though the jeans were size xs. I decided to wear them with a belt, which was uncomfortable, but I tell you, they looked BOMB. 3/5 stars.
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4. A baggy T-shirt, of an old vogue cover, including a girl putting on lipstick- (can't find price, sorry) This top was super soft and fit great. I love it. However, I haven't worn it yet, even though I've had it for a long time, because i don't know what to wear it with. I don't blame this on Romwe, but it's just weird on my body, so I don't really know what to wear it with. 5/5 stars.

5.Simple black bodysuit- close to $7.00
OMG I LOVE THIS BODYSUIT SO MUCH. It fit me so well, and the fabric was amazing! 5/5!

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6. Floppy white, black and red baggy pants- $12.00
I was reaalllyyy scared to buy these at first, since they were really bold, but, damn I pulled them off so hard. I LOVED THEM. They made me feel so confident and just- wow. 5/5
I bought about 3 more t- shirts, and they were all really similar in quality, size and mostly everything, and they were amazing. 5/5 for all.

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conclusion: Romwe was really cheap and cute, and I actually loved it. It's always scary to buy something from an unfamiliar store- but as long as you are confident about your size, everthing should go swimmingly. Go Romwe!

Scam or BAM?
Definitely BAM.