I found my true love. I fell in love with him instantly and all I could feel was the love I have for him. We talked every single day as much as we could but it was not enough. I was not enough even though he promised me I was. He promised me he would never leave and would always make sure I was not alone. He was consumed by his demons and had to leave. He did not just leave me he left everyone. He left the world. Nothing is the same. I do not dream. It is harder to walk this earth knowing I will never see him here again. The only way to see the love of my life is to end everything just like he did. I can not bring myself to do it. I miss him and I just want to laugh with him one more time. Love is the best thing he gave me, but I think he took it with him. I do not think I can love anyone as much as I love him. I do know that the pain I feel inside of me is overwhelming. No amount of physical pain could ever compare to the pain I feel inside my heart. Love is pain.