So... for the past two months I decided to take a break from social media, but not in the way most people do like deactivating their accounts of Fb or Ig. I just decided to limit the time I would make use of them and, turns out it went really well.

After sunset I would only check my post on each of them once until next morning. Besides spending so many time actually doing nothing I would prepare a cup of tea and .. read.

Since then, I´ve concluded four really good books and yesterday I just started my fifth in two months, which might be an average number but, for me, it has really made a difference.

I really enjoy the silence of getting through each page without taking notice of time and it has reminded me how interesting it can be to enter stories from other worlds or other times.

So, if you are willing to spend more quality time with yourself this is something I completely recommend.

Hope you have a lovely night ... A Clash of Kings is waiting for me.