Dear Person,
Recently,I've been reading this incredible articles from people i don't even know. And in the process of reading them,i genuinely felt happy,because in that moment i knew that i'm not alone.
The story behind this letter started months ago. It was my favorite time of the year,when leaves are falling and the nature is full of beautiful autumn-y colors.When reading books and having a cup of tea is the only way to escape an endless roads of solitude.
I met this person.
Person full of light,beauty and intelligence.
And suddenly,in that exact moment I've realized, that there was no way out of the chaos of unexpected feelings that i started to feel.
I've reached the point where i talked to myself in my room,all alone. Asking questions about me being good enough for him,me being pretty enough or confident enough for him.And the next day,my birthday, was the miracle that i was waiting for my entire 18 years of living.
The realization hit me.
I don't need perfect measurements or perfect face,nor someone's validation of me being worth of love or happiness.
I don't know how many minutes i was quiet,absolutely silenced with my own insecurities.
Shame was the only thing that i felt towards myself for thinking so low of me.
I know he likes me, I knew it from the way he talked to me,hugged me when i couldn't see him for a day,showed me little things he'd been learning or the music that he listened.
We like each other,not because of the looks that we have or money and material things that we posses,But for the minds that we speak,the way we make one another feel.
And If there is someone out there,reading this article that feels unworthy,alone,ugly,dumb,boring,plain or prude please! I'm begging you,stop telling yourself that. You are only human being with heart that breaks a little too easy for our own good. Breaking someone's heart is a painful thing. So,don't break your OWN heart. take care of it. You're this girl or boy,sitting in your room,listening to the songs that are not sad enough for the choices you've made or the words that you've heard about you. It will be spring,summer,fall or winter and there will be days when you can experience your miracle.When you get to hear those words from someone you're afraid to be with because that's how it works,that's how it happens.
The things that make you happy will find you.
The person you love so deeply and truly will be by your side.
The friend that you want back,you'll have them back.
The success that you strive for-you'll achieve that.
When you truly want something make it happen for yourself.
"The happiness will find you when you stop hiding"