Things need to change in America. The U.S. Constitution was put in place in 1787 to provide a sense of direction to the organization of the three branches of the U.S. Government. The Constitution was also put in place to ensure civil liberties such as freedom of speech, religion and media access.

The Constitution also ensures the rights of the American people, one of these rights being the right to possess firearms. While this right was put in place to protect people, it is no longer necessary in today's society to be possessing firearms for protection. The Constitution was put in place to protect the people of America, but when it's harming more people than it is protecting them, that is where the problem is.

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Ever since Columbine, 25 fatal school shooting in the U.S. That's 25 too many. Every time there is a shooting, somebody's loved one is dying. That's somebodies child, somebodies sibling, somebodies partner. Too many shootings are happening and too many people are dying because nothing is being done.

It's time things change. Instead of only talking about it when a mass shooting happens we should talk about it until effective change is made. While thoughts and prayers are a very kind gesture, they unfortunately don't result in change. You may hear people say that gun control won't change anything but the current system is obviously isn't working. I strongly believe that gun violence starts when gun control starts.

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If gun control is something that you strongly believe in; fight for it. If you aren't sure how there are many, simple things that you can do for the fight against gun violence.

You can call your representatives and voice your opinions. You can donate to organizations that fight against gun violence. You can start a conversation on social media to raise awareness. But most importantly you can educate yourself. Do some research and use credible sources to speak up when you hear something false. Don't believe the "fake news" going around. There is so much you can do to fight against gun violence because the more that people speak up, the harder it is to ignore.

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I remember when Sandy Hook happened I was completely and utterly shocked and filled with despair. I was 12 at the time and that was when I was aware that gun violence is a problem in the U.S. Now whenever I hear about a shooting I don't react because it's turned into the "norm". This no longer has to be the "norm". Don't let the victims who have died due to gun violence be in vain. If we take a stand and fight, gun control can happen, but that's only if we make ourselves loud and clear.