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Once upon a time, a beautiful baby girl was born to a family of adventurers. Brown of eyes and hair just like her mom, she lived happily on their boat, sailing throughout the land. Until a storm came, it shipwrecked the boat and killed almost her entire family. Her mother was barely able to get the little girl on a raft.

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The girl was bounced from home to home, until she washed up upon a horrible realm. A land where orphaned children were sold as slaves to the highest bidder. The girl was sold to a vile woman with two wicked daughters of her own.

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The girl was made to slave away doing horrible chores. Or risk her life in games meant to entertain the cruel masters. And just when the girl thought things could not get any worse, she found out her mistress had bad plans.

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Scared of the slave children's growing numbers the masters planned to wipe them all out with a weapon. When the girl found the plot she had her mind wiped, and she was forced into believing she was the biological daughter of her captors, until the weapon could be built and the plan carried out.

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And the plan almost worked. But it didn't. Because the love from her mother's sacrifice gave her a powerful magic. She was able to break out of the hypnosis, and escape from her wretched captors into the forest.

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The girl grew to start a revolution and free all of her fellow slaves. She lived a wild life full of adventure, and eventually she found her happily ever after.

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