I came running to the place he said to meet up I was happy that he called first instead of me.

I got there and wanted to give him a hug but he signaled no so I just stopped.

“What’s up” I asked worried but still out of breath.

“Tatiana, we should break up” he said in a serious tone

My smile came came off and my heart fell apart, I was speechless but still managed to ask


“Your just to.....”

“Too basic, to boring... right” I said replied

“I never understood you most of the time especially nights when you called telling me how you felt the feeling that you can’t understand, although I never understood I would just go along, I tried many times to understand you believe me but I couldn’t”

I said nothing in return. I was quiet for moment until I came back to my senses.

“Bye” he said as he turned and walked away.

“Wait I have a question for you”

He turned around

“Do you regret asking me out and going out with me?” I asked him

“No” he replied with a sigh

“One more question... was it a waste of time because if it was” tears were falling and I could barely talk, “....I’m sorry” I finish taking a deep breath.

He looks at me with pity

Finally he says “Goodbye Tatiana” and walks off.

I finally let it all out the tears and the keep falling non stop until they have ran out. I think about all the failed relationships I’ve had until now and all were the same. But in each one I gave my everything maybe even more but still they fail. I think why?, why does this happen to me? Why can’t I keep a relationship with anyone?

I walk home, little by little my willingness to live is dying. I’m on a bridge and looking over at the reflection of the moon on the water swaying in the small waves. My body on it’s own climbs up the rail and stands up. I stop and stare at the moon in the sky for the last time. I close my eyes and fall forward with my arms spread out. I wait for my body to hit the water but it never does instead I open eyes to find someone holding be back.