Aries: Thistle and Honeysuckle

beautiful, flowers, and green image flowers, butterflies, and colourful image flowers image flowers, floral, and nature image

Taurus: Roses, Poppy, and Foxglove

gif, rose, and flowers image
90s, inspiration, and photography image flowers, poppy, and blue image beautiful, floral, and nature image Image by Private User

Gemini: Lavender and Lily

field, landscape, and sky image flowers, purple, and lavender image Image by marie m. honey, beauty, and colors image

Cancer: White Flowers; Roses and Lilies

flowerpower, light, and many image flowers, rose, and white image beautiful, bouquet, and delicate image flowers, lily, and white image

Leo: Marigold and Sunflower

flowers, orange, and aesthetic image flowers, orange, and photography image flowers, yellow, and sunflower image flowers, yellow, and sunflower image

Virgo: Bright Small Flowers; Buttercup and Hydrangea

Image removed blur, bright, and buttercup image flowers, forest, and nature image flowers, house, and pink image

Libra: Bluebells and Large Rose Flower; Morning Glory

purple, flowers, and lavender image flowers, blue, and purple image flower and morning glory image flower, morning glory, and summer image

Scorpio: Dark Red Flowers; Geraniums

flowers, pretty, and geraniums image beauty, dark, and leaf image Image by Private User Image by Marcela Arroyo

Sagittarius: Carnations

wallpaper, aesthetic, and carnations image flowers, carnation, and pink image beautiful, carnations, and flowers image amazing, flowers, and pink image

Capricorn: Pansy and Ivy

alternative, flower, and pansies image beauty, flowers, and flower image
emerald, ivory, and vegan image

Aquarius: Orchids

beauty, flowers, and orchids image Image by Marina Rodriguez
flower, fushia, and green image
exotic, flowers, and orchid image flowers and orchids image

Pisces: Water Lily

flowers, nature, and water image pink, flowers, and lily pads image
aesthetic, flowers, and gif image