happy late valentines day. i hope it went well for you. yesterday i had my first job lol. i was babysitting these boys, they were 9 and 11. the 9 year old was so adorable. he talked to me for about 30 minutes. the 11 year old played roblox the whole time. i thought roblox died. i guess i was wrong. we then watched the boss baby. it was actually really good. after that we played sorry!. then their parents came home and the mum gave me a rose. it was so kind of her to do that. i felt really happy about myself.

two days ago my math teacher told me i had to "teach" the class. obviously he wasn't being serious but theres this kid in my class. his name is tyler and all we do is fight with each other. so when i was up at the bored he kept saying how i'd make a horrible teacher and how i'd kill all of my kids. so i said things back like about his jacket. it was so ugly. but of course when i said something everyone starts yelling at me. my friend payton was in there and she didn't do anything. she just sat there. so i just went back to my seat and sat down. but no. tyler had to just keep saying shit. like how i'm "always mean" and "he's always so nice to me". then his friend bryson got into it and agreed with him. but payton just sat there staring at me. after they finished i just looked at her and told her how i felt about her not doing anything for me. when she was trying to tell me how i was mean and how she wouln't've been able to help me i just took my bookend tried to read. i was so frustrated. like why am i always the bad guy? everyones mean to everybody. like if you're going to say shit to somebody you better expect to get shit back. honestly i don't like being a bitch but i can be. "when aries are angry, everyone knows it. however the good news is that his or her anger will fade almost as quickly as it arises." that is very true, conceding i am an aries.

this weekend i'm excited because i'm going to be locked in a mall. i do this girl scout thingy. everybody thinks girl scouts are stupid and like its something weirdoes do. but no. my troop is so much fun. we don't really do anything; we just go on trips. it's a lot of fun.

why are girls so annoying? slightly laughs to self like we're just so annoying. we want everything that you can give us. i overheard this girl talking to these boys about how if she has any kids then she'll won't let them have social media cause if she heard they wanted to have sex at our age she's ground them forever and have them home schooled. what really confused me was that she's 13 and she sends nudes and probably has had sex before. i just don't know. it confuses me. like these girls who are younger than me go around and have sex and shit like that. while I'm over here obsessing over phan and glee.

thanks if you actually read ALL of this. theres a lot. SORRY! if you want to message me go right ahead. <3