hello! i keep forgetting to do this. oops.

1. my name is peyton, if you couldn't figure that out :))

2. i live on the east coast.

3. i have a younger brother, he keeps me on my feet.

4. post malone is my spirit animal or guardian angel, or both

5. cheesy, but i love to sing and i think i'm really good at it

6. i seriously love baking, especially cookies

7. my gym teacher is one of the only things (people lolz) keeping me somewhat fit

8. i play volleyball and i love it (yes, i was vballluver on wb, don't bring it up)

9. i'm very nearsighted and need glasses, i just don't have the time to get my eyes checked lol

10. i want to live at the beach :)

all facts are true ;)
xoxo, peyton