Here's the songs I'm loving for February!
Quick reminder that these are in no particular order and they all aren't recent songs. I find a ton of songs from shows, movies, and on Instagram/social media - and lots are from a while ago. This doesn't mean they aren't good though!
So check these out, and let me know if you like them!

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1. Iron & Steel - Quinn XCII
This has such a good beat, and if you are into kinda off-kilter songs, this is a great artist to check out! (Straightjacket is along one by him)
2. Passion Soda - Matthew Chaim
Odd title, I admit, but its a sweet song with a beat that will make you want to get moving!
3. Astronaut (Something About Your Love) - Mansionair
I got hooked on this artist when I listened to 'Easier', which is so good, and this one is just as good
4. Nuh Ready Nuh Ready - Calvin Harris ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR
I work out to this one all the time. New release too!
5. Flares - The script
I'm not gonna lie when I listen to this song I totally think about Newt's death in the Maze Runner series bc that totally wrecked me emotionally and this makes me think of it. (p.s. sorry for the spoiler)
6. Opps - Vince Staples, Yugen Blakrok
This is from the Black Panther soundtrack, which is absolutely stunning. I would highly recommend listening, even if you aren't a Marvel fan.
7. Daddy Issues - The Neighborhood
A great song to chill to, it gives off such good vibes
8. Let it Out - Heather Sommer
I got this one from Teen Wolf, and I found it on Soundcloud, but this is one of those songs you just sit and listen to - great vocals and beat.
9. All These Things I've Done - The Killers
A little old but still so good.
10. Afraid - No Wyld
Stunning beat. Enough said.

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