Hey dear,
today we talk about bullying...
I know it's not a fun topic to talk about ... But it's important to do it.
I will talk about situations such as: bullying and violation of human rights ... If you expected to have a happy article full of unicorn, rainbow, etc. Well, change your article. At the same time, if you are reading it, I would like you not to leave. I would like to explain my story and that without trouble.

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When I was in elementary school, I was very different from others ... And I was intimidated because of that. Some bullies will not realize it. But others have fun pushing their hatred on people they decide not to love. Or others sometimes hide the truth too.
I remember when I came back from outside, there was that same person who was snapping my locker to annoy me. It may sound like nothing but when you get intimidated, you have pressure. Unfortunately, we can not understand if we have never lived. And some will believe that we will exaggerate or are mad. This same person passed by me saying "Stop following me fat bitch". And she jostled me. Every morning, I opened my locker and every time, all my things were up-and-down. Sometimes there was water on my things, other times, I put my stuff in the lockers of other people. That same person stole my boyfriend. Etc., etc. Many other things have happened and those ones even under the eyes of people.

So I tell you, If you are these people who see without saying it ... You must absolutely talk about it. people being intimidated are too scared to say it. Say it and you will see everything can change...Because it could happen to you.
And if you are the bully, beware of yourself, because everything could fall back on you and everything will turn against you too.
And if you are that person being intimidated, talk about it even if you believe that everything can rock and everything will get worse ... Nothing will get worse, Everything will be better and you have to trust me. I lived it and talked about it, I managed to escape. Fugue, suicide or other horrible attempts are not the answer. I know it's not a lot of fun to do it but you have to do it.

It fails that it stops.

Thank you so much, guys.

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