i have all these new ideas
and im okay with
telling them to you,
i have all these new ideas
but im scared to
share them with you.

the constant fear
of your rejection,
worry and fear of
your final selection.
i know others will get
first pick and im happy to
wait among the clouds
for your choice.

im always anxious
and im always in a panic.
i know how to help
you but I can’t deal
with my manic.

being quiet doesn’t
mean im shy
or mean you should
say goodbye.
i may not speak but
I want to listen
you story is new and
I want you to glisten.
i want you to not stress
and to not be scared.


this is probably really bad or cringe but i thought it would be fun to try and write and article. do what you wish with it i don't care. i didn't check for grammar or spelling but thats not important.

i hope you are having or had a good day. stay healthy.