Hey loves, i'm back with another lookbook. This time the focus of this lookbook will be on Athleisure clothes. If you have no idea what 'Athleisure' means, then let me break it down for you. Basically, Athleisure is a fashion trend that involves wearing clothes that are meant for workouts in casual settings (e.g. shopping and hanging out with friends) as well as, social settings (e.g. school).

Athleisure is the new casual and its a trend that won't be ending anytime soon. so, if you wanna get some athleisure style inspo from this lookbook, then keep on reading.

Look #1:

Oversized sweater dress & sneakers
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Stay cozy in a white oversized sweater dress and add a sporty touch to your look with pale pink and grey Adidas NMDS. You can accompany this amazing look with a pastel pink bucket bag to add more colour to the outfit.

What I love about this look are the colours. The neutral white sweater dress and the grey sneakers with the pale pink details, really complement each other perfectly and make your outfit look seamlessly modern, sporty and cute.

Look #2:

Statement t-shirt, white laced skirt & sneakers
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Throw together a basic white statement t-shirt and a chic white lace skirt with white sneakers. Add a pop of colour to your all-white outfit with a red over the shoulder bag.

This outfit proves that you don't need to always wear heels with a fancy skirt;a stylish skirt can also look amazing with some cool, simple sneakers.

Look #3:

White Nike hoodie, denim skirt & Vans
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Nothing matches better than a cool hoodie with a denim skirt. This is a good combination if you love casual and sporty clothes. Accompany this outfit with some classic vans old skool sneakers and finish the look with some retro oval black & white shades.

Look #4:

Black long sleeve crop top, skinny jeans & sneakers
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Who doesn't love a pair of skinny jeans and a crop top? This is an easy outfit to pull off. All you need to do is: wear a black long sleeve crop top with some high-waist skinny jeans. Add some Black Adidas NMD sneakers to your outfit to make it look nice and sporty.

Accompany your outfit with some black cat eye glasses - to add glam to your look. Finish off your look with a black over the shoulder bag to make your whole outfit look sleek and fancy.

Thanks for reading, loves! i hope you loved these looks! don't forget to follow me if you wanna see more lookbooks' like this


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