black history month is an annual celebration of achievments by african americans and a time for recognizing the cental role of blacks in the U.S

the sory of black history month begins in1915 , half a century after the thirtheenth amendemt abolished slavery in the united states.

since 1976, every american president has designated february as Black history month and endored a specific theme .

the black history month 2018 theme, african americans in Times of War ´marks the 100th anniversary of the end of worlds war and honnors the roles that black americans have played in warfare, from the american revolution to the present day .

this month i dedecated a collection to black hisory month not only because im black myself but because the self respect is inporthant to me and everybody ..dont be shy to enbrase yourself because YOU ARE BEAUTIFULL .

follow me and my collection BLACK HISTORY MONTH for feb..

sending lots of loveeee xoxo .,.sharmeeyn kefee