I'm back again with another playlist! This time around I wanted to start making playlists based on the Overwatch heroes. I personally do play Overwatch (not much Widow though lol ) and I thought it would be fun to put together some quick, sweet and short playlists along with some aesthetic pictures based on, like I said, the Overwatch heroes. While I did say quick, this actually took awhile to put together, mainly because I really wanted to get the aesthetic as close as I could to what I thought of when Widowmaker came to mind, if that makes sense. I based it on her past, present, and some of her in game quotes and such. like always I added links to the songs, and this time I added warnings to the more explicit songs. You might not agree with all my song choices and that's totally fine, but if you have any songs that you think fit Widowmaker's aesthetic then let me know, I'm interested! So, hopefully everyone likes this and enjoy!

Gangsta // Kehlani (EXPLICIT)

Mature image aesthetic, pastel, and sad image

Sniffing Vicodin in Paris // Blackbear (EXPLICIT)

amazing, lovely, and paris image aesthetic, army, and art image die, neon, and grunge image quotes, NUMB, and Pink Floyd image

Gasoline // Halsey (EXPLICIT)

black, hair, and dark image sad, quotes, and alone image aesthetic, book, and brown image paris, city, and night image

Eyes on Fire // Blue Foundation

Darkness, night, and nyctophilia image girl, smoke, and black image

Two Faced // Shannon Taylor

Image removed aesthetic, alternative, and asia image dark, Darkness, and quotes image window, purple, and sky image

Bad Blood // Taylor Swift

paris, night, and city image fire, pink, and background image

Horns // Bryce Fox, Stelouse

sad, quotes, and grunge image aesthetic, dark, and purple image makeup, eyebrows, and beauty image city, rain, and umbrella image

Spiders // System of a Down

city, night, and new york image mirror, theme, and grunge image Image removed paris, night, and aesthetic image

Bittersweet Memories // Bullet For My Valentine

eiffel tower, paris, and photography image human, error, and grunge image